Saturday, January 8, 2011

How to Start watching Doctor Who... a guide

This post is for all the people out there who catch sight of this blog, start reading it and then think "What on Earth?"

For those who know are familiar with the show, the pun was intended.

Doctor Who is a television series produced by BBC that has been running since the 60's, and it is a favorite of British audiences. Now, before you leap to the first episode, let me explain what we, the Lost Sons of Gallifrey, would deem the greatest show on earth, full of plenty of suspense, action, and humor that will leave you rolling with laughter.

This TV series follows the adventures of a time traveller named The Doctor. He's not really a doctor, it's more of his name/title. Hence.... Doctor Who? He travels the universe in his time machine, the TARDIS, or Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space. This time machine, from the outside, has the appearance of a British Police Public Call Box, or a blue phone box. However, as the Doctor loves to hear, it's much bigger on the inside. The Doctor is part of an alien species called the Time Lords. Now, don't immediately start thinking green skin with antennae. Time Lords are human in appearance. As the title suggests, they were masters of time travel. However, the Doctor is the last of his species. As you can presume, he gets rather lonely at times. So, in his travels across the universe, he takes a companion with him to show them the wonders of time and space. Of course, they get more than just a free tour of alien planets and all time periods of humanity; they get a fair amount of saving the world/universe constantly.

As an alien, the Doctor has a few abilities not shared with his companions. He has two hearts, has a second respiratory outlet (good luck strangling him), and can absorb small doses of radiation without withering into dust. But the most important attribute is his ability to regenerate 12 times- how else are you going to keep a series running for over 50 years with the same character? So, when dying, a Time Lord can physically alter their entire body. The results can be surprising and it's always funny watching them try out their new face. To this day, he has not been a redhead, or "ginger" as he likes to call it, much to his disappointment. His personality changes a bit as well - he's quite literally a new man, and thus each Doctor offers their own fun quirks to the show. His changing-of-form, called "regeneration," is also a way to switch up the actors that play the Doctor. There have been 11 Doctors to date, with Matt Smith as the eleventh and current Doctor.

So there's Doctor Who in a nutshell. You have the background, now you have to test the waters before any judgements are made. After much deliberation, we have decided that the best episode for beginners to watch is in the third season, namely episode 11- Blink. This episode has a great deal of suspense, adds interesting elements to time travel and has it's own arsenal of quotable moments, including timey-wimey detectors blowing up hens. It's available on Netflix Instant Queue. 


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