Saturday, December 25, 2010


The Doctor - some fear him, others revere him. His character is complex, yet at the same time easy to comprehend. A lonely god wandering from world to world, protecting all he can. He is woven throughout history, from the fires of Pompeii to the sinking of the Titanic. He is the last of a race known as the Time-Lords, native to the planet Gallifrey, a civilization that watched over the universe and upheld the laws of time. Sadly, this Doctor and his many accomplishments and successes go largely unnoticed by American audiences.

We are The Lost Sons of Gallifrey. Our mission? To tell the world of this saint, this physician, this Time-Lord, this "Doctor." You may come to fear him, idolize him, possibly even hate him; through and through, however, you will come to respect him.

Stay tuned for our upcoming review of the newest Doctor Who Christmas Special, entitled "A Christmas Carol." The trailer for this Christmas Special can be watched on Youtube here. Also, here are some pictures to whet your appetites and get you excited for "A Christmas Carol."


  1. Okay, I am new to the world of Dr. Who and am unsure about my opinion. I have enjoyed my experience so far but at the same time, it appears that all those irrational childhood fears that I was finally pushing away, are returning. The dark... yes. I am terrified. (thank you "silence in the library") The statue in my basement...yes. I am sure it will be a common character in my nightmares now. (thanks to "blink". Are past/future episodes of Dr. Who worth the dreadful return of these silly fears?

  2. Bronwen, did you watch Silence in the Library?? That one is so good!!
    In answer to your question, YES!!! Besides, they don't ALL bring back silly fears. And they go away after awhile. I think. :)

  3. YES!!!! It's dumbledore!!!! WIN!

  4. Yes I did watch Silence in the Library. AHHHHH! Yeah the Vashta Nerada, pretty sure, is in my room. But, as it was when I was little, the monsters can't get me while I'm on my bed. So, when I turn of my lights, I just jump really far. :) And, I agree with Jacob. Hooray for Dumbledore!

  5. Oh, the Vashta Nerada are everywhere, Bronwen. ;)